Casebook Reporting

Casebook Reporting Use Cases

  • Easily access meaningful business intelligence from their data

  • Access to a consistent set of data that is kept up to date with current case information

  • Create reports that match your compliance needs and easily export that data for external stakeholders

Check out our E-Books on Grants to see how you can use Casebook's reporting software to obtain funding for your organization


The ABC's of Grant Funding Success E-Book

What You'll Learn About:

  • "Grant Making" Defined
  • Grant Making Institutions & Their Funding Processes

  • Impact Reporting
The ABCs of Grant Funding Success Guide

Secure Your Funding E-Book

What You'll Learn About:

  • Third Party Evaluations

  • Data & Metrics

  • An Extra Emphasis on Data

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Casebooks Onboarding Process (2)

Did You Know?

Onboarding with Casebook takes about 2 months compared to 6 months or more for competitive solutions!

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