Case Studies


United Way El Paso

"Casebook helped create that cohesiveness or one source of truth, and provided the accessibility to access this directory in the field for our team.”

Alpha-Omega Miracle Logo

Alpha-Omega Miracle Home 

"Casebook was built based on user feedback, which I thought was huge. I knew that with the difference in technical experience that my team had, the usability was beyond some of the other platforms that we saw”

Haven Home logo

Haven Home

"Before we used Casebook, we really didn't have a way to
keep track of the services provided to our clients. The information was on paper or it was in our heads. As the organization grew, we knew we would have to be able to manage better.”

Life Anew Restorative Justice

Life Anew

“Casebook is a breath of fresh air... I can pull a report that shows how many clients of different demographics we've talked to in the last 30 days. I can provide that right now, where I couldn't before.”


PA Parent and Family Alliance

“I’d estimate that I’m saving at least five hours per week using Casebook.”

For The Silent Case Study

For The Silent

“Our advocates are at their best when they are able to spend their time and energy with clients rather than focusing on administrative tasks. Using Casebook has created more space in their schedules and to-do lists.”


Lansing Michigan police logo

Lansing Police Social Work Unit

“I don’t have to waste time driving back to the office to use a report writing system.”

Allura - Feedback Session-1