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HR Policy and Planning During a Crisis: How we built a thriving remote work culture

Organizations are now grappling with the new normal of a fully remote or flexible work policy being a necessity. This adjustment to work-style requires considerations related to business continuity, but also effective communication with your entire team.

On this webinar you'll walk away with actionable advice and templates on:

  • Flextime & Working Remotely

  • Effective Staff Communication

  • Business Continuity Planning

We hope that these resources can provide some insight for companies that are facing a shift to a fully remote workforce while also navigating some of the unusual realities and restrictions impacting many communities.



Working Remotely

Actionable information on how we had developed a culture of communication across multiple technologies.

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Business Continuity

We'll detail how we developed operational contingencies for a range of emergency issues.

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Internal Communication

Implementable concepts on how we regularly engage employees regarding important updates.