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What do you want to build?

Developers can use Casebook's API to build apps or to fetch and sort data.

It’s easy for developers to integrate the Casebook Platform with their own custom and enterprise software systems as well as data. Casebook is very open to customized integration and extension with new features that other developers may want to add or build upon.

If you, as a developer, want to access Casebook’s APIs in order to build your own apps, you can easily do it. Similarly, if you want to migrate and push data from your system directly into your Casebook account, that’s easily doable, too.

We use JSON APIs, which is a commonly used, open source spec that allows developers to fetch data and sort it based on their preferred specifications. For instance, if you want a list of daycare center managers in Ohio, you can use our data and JSON APIs to fetch and sort that data.

See the all API’s in this section of the knowledge base to see what Casebook can do and how you can use Casebook’s functionalities to work with your systems.