Casebook Software Solutions for Schools

Use the Casebook software to securely track all incidents, update student files faster and get reports on students, teachers, support staff/services, and volunteers in seconds instead of minutes.

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Casebook Security Officer

Casebook Ensures That Your Data Is Safe & Secured

Tracking safety and security will help to identify areas in need of improvement before real harm occurs. Casebook also allows you to keep your data secure through access roles. Stay Within the compliance of HIPAA, FERPA, Title IX, and Other Laws. 

Use Configurable Settings To Meet The Specific Needs Of Your Organization

Configurable fields allows users to update data to align with their specific goals and change fields as data collection requirements change due to school requirements or regulatory updates that need to be made by staff.

Tracking School Software


Casebook's Data Management Software

Casebook is designed to help administrators, teachers, guidance counselors, and other school professionals who have to manage multiple relationships, programs, services, activities and incidents.

Casebook gives you the power to manage all of this information from one place with helpful features like person profiles, history, notes, and more.


Track Important Data in Casebook

Monitor and update information for all assigned providers from one data source of truth that serves as an alert to administrators about deadlines, urgent situations and offers transparency into patterns of past issues.

CBK Email Calendar Integration (1)

Email Communications

Send emails from within Casebook using your own email address and automatically track all replies from internal users and even external users like volunteers.


Casebook Reporting

Allows you to create custom visual and graphical reports, set up dynamic filters, add calculated fields, export reports to Excel/PDF/Powerpoint, and more.


"Casebook is a breath of fresh air... I can pull a report that shows how many clients of different demographics we've talked to in the last 30 days. I can provide that right now, where I couldn't before."

-Life Anew Restorative Justice

Life Anew Case Study