Overview of Casebook

Overview of Casebook

Learn about Casebook's ecosystem in connection to your work

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Logging In

Get help here with logging in to Casebook for the first time. 

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Learn about how to navigate through the Casebook platform. 

Create Intake Report

Create an Intake Report

Learn how to create a report in cb Intake. 

Create a Case at desk

Create a Case

Learn how to create and keep track of a case in cb Engage.

Create a Provider

Create a Provider

Learn how to create a provider record in cb Track. 

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How to Search

Learn how to search for people, providers, cases, and intake reports. 

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Home Page

Learn about the Home page and how to review your work with it. 

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Check out our list of Casebook terms. 

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Taking Action

Check out a list of different actions you can take in Casebook. 

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Video Academy

Check out our Video Academy for a quick rundown of Casebook features and apps. 

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Still need help?

Reach out to our Support Team at support@casebook.net or through chat if you have any questions or feedback!