Adding, Editing, and Deleting Provider Profiles

As you do your work on a Provider Profile, you can add new information and edit other information as it changes. You can also delete profiles.

To Create a New Provider: 

  1. From the cb Track Workload View, select the + icon in the bottom right-hand corner. 
  2. Select Create a New Parent Organization if you intend to create a Parent Organization’s profile or select Create a New Provider if you intend to create a Provider’s profile. See Parent Organizations and Providers for more information about the differences between the two types. 
  3. Enter in the required information. 
  4. From the right-hand Action Menu, select either Save if you are not yet finished creating the provider, Submit to make this provider profile active, or Delete to discard.  

Note: Required information is highlighted in green and has an asterisk next to it. 

The following fields are a part of the Provider Record: 

  • Check the box indicating if this provider is a part of your internal organization. 
  • The name is the name of the provider, like Smithfield Daycare.
  • The type is what kind of provider it is, like child care or a foster family.
  • The sub-type is a further classification of what kind of provider it is, like a nursing home or a daycare.
  • The phone number is the provider’s phone number.
  • Assigned staff is the user tasked with managing the provider profile in cb Track.
  • Contact person is the person who you can talk to at the provider.
  • Parent Organization is the umbrella organization that the provider is under.
  • EIN is the employer identification number. It’s a federal designation from the IRS for tax purposes
  • The organizational ID is an ID number in a provider’s system that a provider might want to use.
  • Provider Status indicated wether this provider is Active, Onhold, or Closed. 
  • Under contract means that a provider has a contract with their state and receives money in exchange for providing services. Whether or not this applies varies from state to state in different situations.
  • Accredited means that the provider has accreditation to provide the services they give. Whether or not this applies varies from state to state in different situations.
  • Address is the physical location of the provider.

Note: When you add in an address, actual addresses will auto-populate using information from Google maps and latitude and longitude. If the applicable address does not auto-populate, click “Create new location” to enter that address into the system

  • County is the specific region where the address is locate
  • People are individuals who work at the provider. (See Person Profiles for more information.)

Note: When you add in a person, specific names of people will auto-populate. You are searching for a person in the existing records and choosing the person. If the applicable person does not auto-populate, click “Create new person” and enter their name and information into the system.

  • Role is a person’s job type, like manager or administration.
  • Start Date and End Date are when the person began and ended their job at the provider.
  • Services are services that the provider gives, like child care or medical attention. 
  • Licenses (optional) are any licenses that the provider has that allows them to legally operate.
  • Status (optional)  is if the license is currently held or not and how much time the license has before it must be re-reviewed.

Note: To receive alerts on the dashboard and filter by status type in the workload view, you will need to assign statuses to providers.

  • Validity Date (optional) is the time frame when the license is active.

Note: To receive alerts on when a license is expiring, you will need to add a validity date for the license

  • Conditions are qualifications a person needs to have to be at the provider. For example, a girl’s daycare might take girls ages two through five while a men’s group home might take disabled men over the age of eighteen.

Note: You can only enter valid minimum and maximum ages for the license. (i.e. -5 is invalid).

Editing Smaller Sections of Provider Profiles

Here’s how to edit small bits of information for each provider.

  1. On a provider profile next to a section you want to edit, click  edit.
  2. Change the information in the section.
  3. Click “Save.”

Deleting Provider Profiles

  1. Click the delete icon  on the right side of the page. 
  2. Confirm delete. 

Note: Only users with delete permissions for cb Track will be able to delete providers. 

Note: Providers can only be deleted if no other entities are linked to it.


If the following are linked to a Provider, then user won't be able to delete the profile without deleting/removing the item first. 

  • Notes
  • Intake reports linked to the provider 
  • Forms
  • Attachments
  • Visits
  • Service enrollments
  • Tasks
  • Workflows