Inviting a Provider Portal User

Provider Portal Users can be invited to cb Access.

The role of Provider Portal User can be granted in two ways:

1. Application portal users whose application has been approved will automatically be added as a provider portal user for the provider that was created. 

2. Administrators are able to invite, resend invites, and remove access for users in cb Track. 


Adding a Portal User from cb Track

To invite a user, select the person with the plus icon in the upper right corner. 

If the user has an email address attached to their profile, it will automatically appear, so that an invite can be easily sent. If the email needs to be sent to a different email address, select the drop down arrow for the add new email address option. Click Send invite to send. 

If the user doesn't have an email address in their profile, you'll need to type in an email address before you're able to send the invite. 

After sending the invite, you'll notice that two things have changed on their name card. The ‘invite’ icon has changed to an envelope icon, signifying that there is an invitation out for them, but it has not been accepted yet.

Click on the envelope button to re-send an invite or to send an invite to a new email. 

Once a Portal User has successfully logged in, the icon will update from an envelope to the remove portal access icon (person with an x).  The Portal User will also automatically be added to cb Admin > Portal users. 

Note: Invitations expire after 7 days. The invitation will need to be re-sent if it expires.