Casebook User Types and Roles

Casebook has several different user types.

Paid User:

Someone who is documenting the administration of business processes on a daily basis within an organization.

Usage Expectation: Unlimited use of Casebook

Examples: Engage Observer, Engage Supervisor, Engage Worker, Intake Observer, Intake Supervisor, Intake Worker, Provider Observer, Provider Supervisor, Provider Worker, Reporting Observer

Portal User:

Someone who is outside of your organization that uses the Casebook Portal to collaborate with your organization and document information about themselves or a client they are working with. 

Usage Expectation: Unlimited use of Casebook Portal

Examples: Application Portal User and Provider Portal User


A volunteer user represents discounted access for non-staff users who need limited access to Casebook to help with data entry on a time-restricted basis.
This is someone who works/uses Casebook for 5 or fewer hours a week that fits the above description.

Usage Expectation: 5 or fewer hours a week

Examples: Someone who may be working a clothing drive or someone who is giving a child or person a ride to an appointment. 

Report Writer:

Someone who is able to access, edit, and create reports derived from data entered into the Casebook platform. 

Usage Expectation: Unlimited use of Reporting

Admin Only User:

A free user that comes with our Enterprise Packages. Someone who can only access cb Admin, and is responsible for the configuration of the Casebook platform. *This user may access other applications within Casebook during the Onboarding process.*

Usage Expectation: Unlimited Admin Access