cb Access Overview

What is cb Access? 

cb Access is Casebook’s electronic portal which allows agencies to collaborate with external stakeholders within a single, integrated platform. cb Access can be used to reduce redundant data entry and digitize many workflows that have historically been handled via paper processes.  

There are three views of cb Access: 

Application Portal

External applicants can register for a Casebook account by going to youruniqueurl.casebook.net/register. Applicants can use this account to complete applications, view information such as application or license status, and complete tasks that require uploading documents or filling out forms. 

Provider Portal 

Casebook users can invite provider staff members to the Provider Portal. Integration with cb Track (provider management) enables data to flow from applications to provider profiles, and from provider profiles to cb Access, ensuring data is accurate and up to date and seamless collaboration between agencies and the providers they work with. 

cb Access Workload View

In the cb Access Workload View, users can approve, deny, and manage external applications.