Intake Workload View

The Intake Workload View enables users to access reports that workers have entered into the system. Users can find specific reports quickly and easily using filters.

Workload View 

The workload view displays reports along with the following information:

  • Report Name: Each report has a report name that users create.
  • Report Type: The workload view shows which of three types of reports this report is. The three report types are Inquiry, Incident, and Service referral.
  • Report Method/Date: Casebook tracks each report with the date and time that the user created a report, as well as the method that the reporter used to report the incident, such as: Walk in or Email.
  • Report Status: You can find out the status of each report, such as: In Progress or Submitted.
  • Decision: If a screening decision (i.e., Screened In) has been made, you will see it in this section. 


Users can apply filters to the Workload View to help view specific intake reports. To apply a filter to the Workload View, click on the Filter(s) button in the upper left-hand corner.

Note: Multiple filters can be applied at one time.