Configurable Fields

Each of Casebook's business apps have features for which an Administrator can configure the values that appear on the person & provider profiles, the case file and intake reports.

Applies to: 
cb Admin 
This article covers the following topics about configurable fields

    How Configurable Fields Work:

    There are several types of Configurable Fields in the Casebook Platform that can be edited in cb Admin. When a configurable field is added/edited, the value will appear in a drop-down menu for that field type. 

    Types of Configurable Fields


    You can add specific values to your organization that will apply to all other business applications. 

    • Sections include: Meeting Type.


    Here you can add specific values important to your organization to categorize people.

    • Sections include: Contact information, Demographic information, Health information, and Name. 

    Providers (cb Track):

    Here you can add specific values to categorize providers and provider agencies. 

    • Sections include: License, People, Provider, Services, and Visit. 

    cb Intake: Intake Reports:

    Here you can add specific values to categorize your intake process. 

    • Sections include: Decision, Incident, People, and Report. 

    cb Engage: Cases:

    Here you can add specific values to categorize cases

    • Sections include: Case details, People, and Services. 

    How to Add Values to Configurable Fields

    1. In cb Admin, click on Fields section under the section you want to configure. For example, if you want to configure People Fields click on the Fields section under People. 
    2. To add or make change to a configurable field, click on the Configure icon (pencil) next to the series of values you want to adjust. 
    3. To add a new value, click on Add value, and then type in the value you want to add. 
    4. To save, click Save. 

    Note: If you decide you no longer need to add a value, click Cancel.

    How to Edit, Archive, and Delete Values

    To Archive and Delete a Value: 

    1. Click on Configure to view and make changes to the value(s). 
    2. Find the value you want to archive, and click on Archive on the right side.
    3. A pop up will display confirming you want to archive the value. Click Ok.
    4. Click Save. The value will no longer show up as an option in the applicable app, but any existing data will remain unchanged.
    5. If the value is needed again, to un-archive it, click on un-archive on the right side. 
    6. To permanently delete a value, click on Permanently delete on the right side. 

    Note: A value needs to be archived before it can be permanently deleted. 

    Note: Values that are currently being used cannot be permanently deleted. 

    How to Set a Value as the Default and Reorder Values

    Set a Value as the Default

    To make a value appear as the default option, click on the switch  next to the value to toggle it on. The value will now automatically be selected in the applicable section. 

    For example, if Morning is set as the default option for Contact times (People fields), Morning will automatically be selected as the preferred contact time when a worker adds a new phone number. 

    Setting a value to the default option can help save time for workers. Making a value the default can be helpful if you find that one particular field uses an option more frequently than others. 

    Note: Another option can be selected instead of the default, if needed. 

    Reordering Values: 

    1. To reorder values, find the value you want to reorder and hover in between Set as default and the Archive button until you see the hand icon(similar to this).  
    2. Then move the value up or down to its new position.  For example, if you want a value to appear first, I would move it to the top above all of the other values. 
    3. Click Save once you're done. Alternatively, if you change your mind, click Cancel.