Reusing Visualizations

Speed up the creation of custom dashboards by reusing visualizations.

How to Copy and Paste a Visualization:

You can copy & paste any visualization within a dashboard or even across dashboards. Note that you can create new dashboards by combining visualizations from other dashboards.

  1. From a Dashboard, select the arrow icon in the upper right-hand corner to expand a widget.
  2. Select the three ellipsis icon, then select copy.
  3. Navigate to the Dashboard where you wish to paste the widget you copied. Select the three ellipsis icon, then select edit.
  4. In the Dashboard Edit Mode, select the three ellipsis icon, then select paste. This widget will paste to the bottom of the Dashboard.

Things to Consider:

Your new visualization will have the same title as the original visualization.

You can select Rename from the overflow menu of a visualization in Dashboard Edit mode.