String Calculated Fields

String calculated fields allow you to edit texts to get different results.

Remember to always include strings between quotation marks (" ").

The functions included in the String category are:

Function Name Syntax and Sample
concatenate: concatenate allows you to join multiple strings of text to form a phrase. Spaces are not automatically included, so make sure you include them in your text arguments if necessary. Syntax: concatenate()
Sample: concatenate("Getting started"," with"," the"," Reveal"," application")
find: find returns the starting position (number) of a first string of text in a second string if text as specified in your arguments. Syntax: find({find text},{within text},{start number})
Sample: find("with","Getting Started with Reveal visualizations",3)
len: len returns the number of characters in the string of text you enter. Syntax: len({text})
Sample: len("Getting Started with Reveal")
lower: lower converts all upper case characters in a given text string to lower case. Syntax: lower({text})
Sample: lower("Getting Started with Reveal")
mid: mid returns a substring (length) of the specified string of text according to what you configure in your arguments. Syntax: mid({text},{start},{length})
Sample: mid("Getting Started with Reveal",9,12)
replace: replace replaces a given string of text with a different text as specified in your arguments. Syntax: replace({text},{old text},{new text})
Sample: replace("Getting Started with Reveal","Getting Started","Creating Visualizations with")
trim: trim returns the same string of text you enter; however, it will remove any leading or trailing whitespaces, and will only keep the spaces between words. Syntax: trim({text})
Sample: trim(" Getting Started with Reveal ")
upper: upper converts all lower case characters in a given text string to upper case. Syntax: upper({text})
Sample: upper("Caution: Hot. Do not touch")