Adding a Supervisor

Admin can assign a supervisor to a user based on their roles. Supervisors can receive notifications to help manage workers and keep updated on deadlines.

Applies to: 
          cb Admin

To assign a supervisor to a user, go to cb Admin > Global > Users.

  1. Click on the name of the user that you want to assign a supervisor. 
  2. Click on the edit (pencil) button to make changes. 
  3. If you're assigning only one supervisor to all roles, answer Yes. If the user has a supervisor for some and not all of their roles or if they have a different supervisor for each role, then select No. 
  4. Depending on what you chose, follow the steps below
    1. If you selected Yes, you'll only need to write in one name in the Supervisor section. 
    2. If you selected No, you'll need to fill out each Supervisor section to assign a supervisor to that role. 
      • Note: Assigning a supervisor isn't required, so if a role doesn't have a supervisor, you can leave the Supervisor section blank. 
  5. Click Save to make changes. Alternatively, click Cancel to discard any changes.