Intake, Engage, & Track: Tasks

Users can assign a task to another Casebook User or an external party in Intake, Engage and Track.

Some examples on how Tasks can simplify your workflow: 

  • Organization A uses a team-based approach to case management. They’re able to use tasks on Engage to alert their teammates of an item that needs their attention and provide timelines for this work to be completed. 

  • Organization B needs to collect information from potential clients in a digitally secure manner. They’re able to use tasks on Intake to securely collect form submissions and uploaded files seamlessly. They can even request a resubmission from a client if needed. 

  • Organization C uses a client-facing form to document progress every 30 days on a case. They’re able to use Tasks on Engage to securely send these forms to clients for completion. Once clients have submitted their form response and you have accepted it, the form will be added to the record. 

You can assign a task to a Casebook User, a colleague who has a Casebook account, or an External Party, a person outside of Casebook, in Intake, Engage, and Track. 

Some examples of how you might use Tasks are: 

  • You assign a task to another Casebook User asking them to schedule a meeting with a client. 
  • You assign a task to the client (external party) asking them to complete a form. 
  • You assign a task to a stakeholder (external party) asking them to upload documentation. 

To assign a Task to a person in Casebook on an Intake Report, Provider Record, or Case Record, follow the steps below: 

  • Navigate to the record that you wish to create a Task.
  • Either use the Left-hand Jump Navigation Menu or scroll down to the Tasks Section
  • Select the + Icon to add a new Task.
  • Enter information regarding the Task, such as the Task Name, Due Date, Assignee, and Task Description.
  • Assign the task:
    • Type in the name of the person you want to complete the task.
    • Select the person's name from the options. 
    • Note: If the person record does not have an email address, then you'll receive an error when adding the task. You will need to make changes to the person record, then refresh the intake page for those changes to apply.  
  • When you are finished and ready to assign the task, select Add Task
    • If you assigned the task to another Casebook user, they will receive an email and a notification on their Home Dashboard. 
    • If you assigned the task to an external party, they will receive an email with a secure link to access and complete the task. Once they complete the task, you will be notified. 


Reviewing the Completed Task

  • Navigate to the record, and click on the Review button. 

  • Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the screen and make your selections.

  • If the task needs changes or is incomplete, you can click on Decline. You'll be asked to make a note to the assignee/submitter on why the task was not accepted. The assignee will receive an email with your note and information on how to resubmit the task. 
  • If the form is complete and no further changes are needed, click on the Accept button. The task will be marked as complete, and the completed form or uploaded attachment will be added to the record.