Billing Account Management

The Casebook billing portal is available to the main account contact. If you are not sure who the main account contact is for your account, please email

Account Management Site

Logging In

To log in, fill in your email address and click continue. Then enter the one-time password sent to your email address. 

Note: Login email address must match main account contact. One-time password will be sent to the primary email on file. 


Once logged in, the current subscription level will be displayed. Below the subscription description there are four (4) options: 

Account Information

Update primary account contact

Billing & Shipping Addresses 

Update billing address (shipping not applicable)

Payment Methods 

Add a Checking Account or Credit Card 

Billing History

View and download previous invoices

Adding a Bank Account 

Select the “ACH” tab at the top of the “Add a payment method” page. 

Once information has been added, our billing system will require verification that the bank account belongs to you. 

In order to accomplish this, you’ll see two small deposits into the account you’ve set up. Re-visit the, “Add a payment method” page and enter the deposit amounts into the verification page.

Adding a Credit Card 

To add a credit card, enter the card #, expiration date and CVV. After verifying the information, your credit card will be available to charge for existing and future invoices.


By default, auto-billing is enabled on all accounts. This is a part of the Casebook Terms of Service.