Casebook Forms: PDF vs Web Based

Should I be using a PDF Form or a Web Based Form?

First off, this is a great question to be asking as you begin to build forms in Casebook. This article will explore this topic through three categories. 

Ease of build: 

  • While both types of forms are easy to build, building a PDF form can provide a simpler experience when building a visually appealing form. This is because the PDF typically is in a format where you will not have to make any layout adjustments. 

Form Component Options: 

  • While our PDF forms have many basic form components to choose from such as text fields, emails, and numbers, our Web Based forms have more options. 
  • Our Web Based forms have layout components to help out organize your form and create visually appealing sections. 
  • Our Web Based forms also have the data grid component which allows you to capture multiple lines of data for a single field. 


  • Both types of forms will provide you with powerful reporting capabilities. 

So which one should you choose?

Ultimately this is up to you and what you feel more comfortable building. If you are used to our form builder, our Web Based forms can provide some powerful configuration and data collection options. If you are just starting to learn how to use the form builder and have an existing PDF to use, this might be the way to go.