Create and Edit a Person Profile

In your Casebook Platform, you are able to create a "Person Profile" on the clients you serve. This profile allows workers and administrators to capture valuable client information in one comprehensive view.


Note: Only users with permissions to create a Person will be able to do so. 

Creating People:

    • You are able to manually create a "person profile" in Casebook through two ways:
      • Via cb Intake 
        • Once you have opened an Intake Report in your platform, you are able to take notes on your first interaction with a client in the "Narrative" section of the Intake Report. 
          • If you've included the client in your notes collected, once you've "processed"  the narrative of your conversation - your Casebook platform is able to "suggest" a person profile to be made on your client. 
          • If a person profile has not already been made on behalf of your client, your platform will suggest that you "create a person" for said client.  
          • You will then need to distinguish the "role" of the client based on the available drop-down options you've configured in cb Admin. 
          • Now "Add the Recommended Match". 
          • You will notice your view will change to an expanded person profile. You will be able to add additional demographic, contact, and basic information to this expanded person profile. 
          • Next, click "Add Person"
      • Via cb Engage 
        • Within a case file, navigate to the "Person" section 
          • To the right of your screen, you'll notice a purple plus sign, that when hovered over prompts you "Add a Person". 
          • You are then taken to the view below:
          • Within the "Person" field, add the name of the client. If the client is already in the system, choose that client's person record. 
          • If the client is not already in the system, click "Create a Person"
            • You will be taken to an expanded person profile view. 
              • Fill in the contents of the person profile, based on the information you would like to collect on the client. 
              • Click "Add Person"
              • Assign appropriate "Roles" and "involvements"  
              • "Effective date" can either be the date entered the client in your platform or the date the client first came under your care.
              • If your workflow calls for you to connect "Services" to your client's person profile, then add the respective service.

To Navigate to a Person Profile:

    • You can use the global search bar to search for a person by name, address, or phone number. 
    • You can click on a person’s name if it exists in an intake report, case file, a provider profile to access the expanded person profile as well. 

Once a person profile exists in the systems, you can edit the person’s details, like their name, age, contact information, etc. To do this, click  edit button.