FAQ: 3rd Party (external) Applications

Questions about integrating external applications and consuming APIs.

Q: Should the external application APIs be exposed for integration?

You don’t necessarily have to expose their APIs but will have to push the data from their application to an open API endpoint in Casebook.

Q: Are there any out of the box connectors available in CB platform currently?

We currently have out of the box integrations with calendars and Zapier. 

Q: What should be done if an external application wants to retrieve data from Casebook?

The application will need to make ‘GET’/’GET ALL’ request to retrieve data from a desired open endpoint.

Q: What can I do by associating to external apps in Casebook?

Registering the external apps in cb Admin is the first step which will help you to get the credentials for those external apps to talk to CB APIs.

Once the credentials are available, you can start pushing data to Casebook APIs from other apps and fetching data out of Casebook APIs. Click here for more details.

Q: What does the ‘role’ field mean for an external application I’m registering?

The Role allows the external application you are registering to get right access to Casebook. The roles you select will give the external application the same permissions as a user with the same roles.

You can configure roles and their permissions in cb Admin -> Global-> Roles.

Q: What does Casebook have access to if I connect an app?

Casebook cannot change any data in your application by itself unless you program it such a way to happen. This process really allows you to push data to Casebook APIs from other apps and fetch data out of Casebook APIs.