Filling Out and Completing a Form on a Record

Forms can be filled out and completed on a Person Record, Case Record, Provider Record, and Intake Record.

Adding a Form to a Record:

  • Navigate to the Forms section on a record. 

  • Select the + icon to add a new form to that record. 

  • Select the form that you wish to use.

  • Complete the form by filling out the required information. 
  • You have several options on the right-hand action menu. 
    • If you are ready to complete and submit the form, select Submit
    • You can save your progress but not submit the form by selecting Save
    • You can delete the form by selecting Delete
    • You can download a form at any time by selecting Download

  • After the form has been submitted, you can re-open the form to make any necessary changes by selecting Reopen from the right-hand action menu.