Getting in touch with Casebook

If you’re experiencing unexpected behavior or have a feature suggestion, please reach out to us.

Applies to: 
Casebook Platform 

Opening Support Tickets in Casebook 

From within the Casebook Application:

  1. On the top right hand click on the green ? Support (question mark) icon
  2. Select Submit a Ticket or Help Chat. 

If you select submit a ticket: 

  1. A new email message to opens automatically. 
  2. In the email, describe the issue you are experiencing or your feature request. Create your own email subject. Additional information about your Casebook session is automatically included at the bottom of your email to assist in troubleshooting.
  3. Send the email.
  4. A support ticket is created within Casebook’s Helpdesk system. You will receive an email response, including your ticket number, for future reference.

Directly email

    1. Write an email with your question or issue. In the email, describe the issue you are experiencing. 
    2. Send the email to
    3. A support ticket is be created, and you will receive an email response. 

    Suggestion When Writing a Support Ticket Email

    Here are some suggestions of what to include when writing a support ticket email. This helps us answer your question or fix the problem more easily:

    • The observed behavior, meaning what you saw happen in Casebook
    • What steps another user would need to take to make the observed behavior happen again
    • The place within Casebook where this happened, if you can describe it. For example, the observed behavior happened in the Workload View in cb Track. Include a URL or a screenshot if you can.
    • Any additional information you care to add, like a recommended solution if you have one.