Provider Profiles

Users of cb Track can manage their providers (i.e. foster families, service organizations, volunteers, etc.) through the Provider Profile.

What information does a Provider Profile have? 

Each provider profile contains a variety of information applicable to the provider. 

The Provider Profile is broken down into the following sections: 

Summary: This includes basic information about the provider such as: Type, Phone Number, Assigned Staff, etc. 

Tasks: This section shows any tasks related to the provider. You can view the task, see if it has been completed, mark it as complete and more in this section. 

Meetings: Schedule and manage meetings in this section. 

Recent notes: Keep track of notes related to the provider in this section. 

Clients: See all of the provider's clients and the services offered in this section. Clients can be added manually by clicking the plus sign or they'll automatically be added if services are added to a client through a case. 

People: Shows provider staff along with their roles. 

Provider: This section has contact information, such as the provider's address and phone number.

History: Includes a history of incidences the facility has dealt with. These incidences can include any situation that requires looking into, such as violence in a home. 

Forms: Shows links to any forms the facility has used such as a form filled out during a caseworker’s visit or an application for a child to be admitted to a nursery school or an incident report. 

Attachments: Attach any documents related to the provider. Photos, PDFs, Word documents, and more can be attached here. 

Workflows: Start workflows from here or review workflows that have been completed in the past. 

Services: Shows a list of services the facility provides such as a daycare for children, educational workshops, medical services, residential care for disabled adults, etc.

License: This includes the license the facility has and if the license is currently active.

  • Conditions: This includes a list of requirements about the people whom the provider is able to serve. For example, at a group home, the clients might have to be males aged eighteen or older, and have a disability. At a nursery school, the clients might have to be females between the ages of two and five.

Active vs. Draft

Provider profiles can appear in one of two states: active or draft. Active provider profiles have been published to Casebook. Provider profiles in the draft state are currently being worked on, but have not yet been published.

See Adding and Editing Provider Profiles for more information on the process of creating provider profiles in both these states.