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Lightspeed Guide to Change Management

Simplify your Software rollout without sacrificing your efficacy!

Step 1: Prepare and Plan

  • Define why you need the new software and what you aim to achieve with it.
  • Build Buy-In. Staff members might feel a temporary loss of independence when learning a new system. You can combat this by inviting those involved to a planning or brainstorming session. Including staff members in your planning process can give them a sense of ownership. 
  • Build a Plan: Create a timeline and assign responsibilities to team members.

Step 2: Train Your Team

  • Teach everyone how to use the new software effectively.
  • Provide various training formats like workshops, online tutorials, and manuals.
    • Casebook’s online software training for subscribers
    • Casebook’s Live Training Calendar & Registration
    • Use & Adapt our Change Management Toolkit below to support your team and users to get Casebook live!
    • Pro-Tip: Create a small group of Casebook Super Users. This group can become the Casebook Experts in your organization and can help with the roll out and answer any questions that your broader team may have. 
    • If you need extra support, talk to your CSM, we offer custom training video development and live training as paid services.
  • Be available to answer questions and offer ongoing support.

Step 3: Test Before Launch

  • Try out the software with a small group to iron out any issues.
  • Gather feedback from testers and make necessary adjustments.

Step 4: Launch and Communicate

  • Roll out the software to everyone in the organization.
  • Clearly explain the benefits and how it will improve work.
  • Keep communication channels open for feedback and questions.

Step 5: Monitor and Adapt

  • Keep an eye on how the software is being used and its impact.
  • Adjust as needed based on feedback and changing needs.
  • Celebrate successes and encourage ongoing adoption.

By following these steps, your non-profit can smoothly integrate the new software into your operations!

Change Management Tool Kit: 

  • Casebook Glossary 
    • You can use this document to match your organization’s terms to the terms used in Casebook. This can help staff members understand terminology faster.
  • Business Process Map
    • You can adapt this document to map your business processes and designate where that process will take place within Casebook. 
  • Sample Roll-Out Plan
    • You can adapt this document to build a roadmap to illustrate how you will roll out Casebook to your organization. 
  • Custom User Manual
    • Adapt this manual by uploading screenshots of your Casebook configuration to provide a job aide to your team and users.