People Workload View

The People Workload View enables users to access all person profiles that have been entered into the system. Users can also create a new person profile directly from this view without the need to attach the person to a record.

Workload View 

The workload view displays people along with the following information:

  • NameThe name of the person on the Person Profile. 
  • Phone Number: The phone numbers on the Person Profile. 
  • Email Address: The email addresses on the Person Profile. 
  • Date Created: The date the Person Profile was created in Casebook. 
  • Language: The languages that this person communicates in. 
  • Address: The address on the Person Profile.  
  • Age: The age of the person. 
  • Birth DateThe date of birth. 
  • Sex: The sex of the person. 
  • Associated Records: A list of the most recent records associated with this Person Profile in Casebook. 
    • Intake → Any intake report featuring the person in the People section with the statuses: New and In Progress (excluding: Submitted)
    • Case → Any case listing the person in the People section with a status mapped to ACTIVE in the admin fields page (excluding: INACTIVE)


Users can apply filters to the Workload View to help view specific person profiles. To apply a filter to the Workload View, click on the Filter(s) button in the upper left-hand corner.

You can also choose My People in the upper left-hand corner to display people profiles that you have created.

User Display View

In the upper left corner, users can find the Column(s) button. By clicking on it, they can switch between different displays and choose which fields they want to see in their workload view. This gives them control over the information they view on their screen.

Additionally, users can adjust the number of people shown on their screen by using the Density button in the same corner. This allows them to customize the density of the display to make it more comfortable for their viewing preference.

Creating a Person Profile

Users have the ability to add a new person directly from the People Workload view by choosing the plus icon in the bottom right-hand corner. 

Choosing this will populate a new person card to be completed. This allows users to create a new person without being attached to a Case or Intake Record.


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