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Tracking Data for Police Department Social Work in Casebook

This article will give you some suggestions on how to track work related to Police Department Social Work in Casebook.

There are multiple ways that your organization can work related to Police Department Social Work in Casebook. This article will go over some suggestions on how to do so. Please note that this is a list of suggested ways, and these items can be altered to fit your organization's needs. 

  • cb Intake: 

    • This largely depends on if your organization works with every client or organization that inquires with you or if you need to screen out based on eligibility. This can also depend on how you receive data about prospective clients. 

  • cb Engage: 

    • Create a case per client, household, or organization that your organization works with.

    • Use the service plan section and service notes to enroll clients into a service and monitor attendance and progress.

    • You could integrate with Zapier to create a case from a 3rd party resource or form.
  • cb Track: 

    • If your organization provides internal services to clients, create your organization as a provider in cb Track and list the service offerings here.

    • You should also create any outside organizations that you refer clients to as providers.

    • Service offerings can and should include as much stable information as is available, including unit cost. If the service cost is variable, leave the unit cost field blank on the service offering, and this can be added during the service enrollment process on a case-by-case basis. 

  • Reporting: 

    • Pre-built Intake Report

    • Can use the Service Enrollments, People, and Case Involvements datasets to provide a comprehensive view of all information about the client and any case-specific data that is needed.