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Relationships can show an individual's connections and their support system.

Relationships can be found in cb Access, cb Engage, and on a Person's Profile.

Relationships are categorized into:

  • Family (i.e. Foster parent, Grandparent)
  • Informal Support (i.e. Mentor, Babysitter)
  • Formal Support (i.e. Therapist, Social Worker)

You can add and make changes to relationships from the Person's Profile by selecting the Edit Icon to the right of Relationships. 

Benefits of adding relationships for clients 

  • See at a glance who is connected to a client. By adding family relationships, formal and informal support you can get a bigger picture of a client's support network. 
  • Grab contact information easily. By hovering over the name of a person you can see their phone, email, and/or address (if known).
  • Help clients identify who their support is as they navigate programs and accomplish case goals.