Reset User Password

Sometimes users might not be able to recover a password that they forgot. If users can't recover their password, an administrator can do it for them.

Steps for Administrators to reset a user's password: 

  1. In cb Admin, select the Users under the Global section. 
  2. Find the name of the user. 
    1. Then click on the Recover password icon on the right-hand side under the Actions column. An email will be sent to the user to help recover their password. 

    Steps for User after Admin sends recover password email: 

    1. Check your email for a verification code from Casebook. 
    2. Click on the link in the email, and the reset password page will load.
    3. Fill in the following information: 
      • Email address
      • The verification code
      • A new password
      • Re-type new password
    4. Click on Reset Password, and the login page will reload.
    5. Enter in email address and the new password.
    6. Clicks Sign in.