User Notifications

Casebook uses email and in-app notifications to keep users up to date on work being completed in the system, and to alert others on action that needs their attention. Admin can set notifications on or off from cb Admin.


Note: Casebook will no longer send notifications to the user that caused an action to trigger the notification. For example, if a user created an Intake Report and assigned it to themselves, they will no longer receive a notification that they were assigned to the Intake Report.

For cb Access users 

Notifications for internal users of the cb Access app are enabled. Notifications to applicants are defaulted to off. You can turn them on in cb Admin under Providers > Notifications

Applicant Notifications 

  • Application Started One Month Ago for Applicant: When an applicant’s application was started 30 days ago and is still open.
  • The status of applicant’s application has been changed
    • Note: Email notifications for applicants have more specific instructions so they know what to do next. 

Worker (Assignee) Notifications 

  • The status of an application has been changed.
  • Application was assigned. The assignee receives an email.

For cb Track users

Provider Notifications 

  • A new provider is created. In this case, the new provider’s assigned worker receives an email.
  • An existing provider is updated with a new assignee. In this case, the new assigned worker receives an email.
  • A provider’s license status changes. In this case, the provider’s assigned worker receives an email.
  • A task is due in 2 days
  • A form has been completed
  • A visit is scheduled for the next day (tomorrow)

License Notifications

  • A license has expired
  • A license status has changed

Workflow Notifications

  • A new workflow for a provider is activated and the first step is assigned to a worker
  • A new workflow for a provider is assigned to a worker
  • Feedback has been received on a workflow step and needs to be reviewed by assigned worker
  • A workflow

For cb Intake Users

Intake Notifications 

  • A form has been completed on an assigned intake
  • A new attachment has been uploaded
  • A report’s status has been changed
  • An intake is assigned
  • An intake has been reassigned
  • An intake was started 24 hours ago


  • Workflow Started
  • Provider Manager Received Feedback on Task
  • Task Approved for Provider Manager
  • Workflow Step Due in One Week
  • Workflow Step Overdue
  • Workflow Assigned
  • Feedback on Workflow Step
  • Task Due in Two Days for Provider Manager