Viewing Your Calendar

View all of your meetings in Casebook on one calendar.

Applies to: 
Home page & User Settings

Viewing Your Calendar from the Home page

Your calendar is now readily available from the Home page. 

From the Home page in the My meetings section, your meetings for the current day will show up.

Click on the meeting to view more details about the meeting. You can also click on the case name or the provider name to be taken directly to the related record. 

My Meetings on the Home page

Note: The My meetings section has replaced the Calendar section, and it will show all of your meetings in Casebook. If you have meetings related to a case record or a provider record, they will show up in the My meetings section on the Home page. 

Note: With the addition of the Meetings section in cb Track, the Scheduled Meetings has been sunsetted. 

Click on a different date to view a different date or click on the See full calendar button  on the upper right corner to view your calendar. 

From the 'My Calendar' page, you can view all of your upcoming meetings, schedule, and make changes to meetings. 

To view more details about a meeting, such as the attendees, click on the meeting. 

Viewing Your Calendar from your Profile page

To navigate to your profile page, click on navigation button on the upper left corner and click on your name under User Settings.
On your profile page, click on the View calendar button on the right side. 

You can also sync your personal calendar to your calendar in Casebook from your profile page. Check out this article here to learn more about syncing your personal calendar.