cb Engage Overview

cb Engage is designed to help case managers, social workers, and other case carrying workers who are on the go manage their caseloads, service referrals and external relationships.

With this application caseworkers and managers have:

  • quick access to a client’s electric case file, including record keeping of services received, relationships, and meeting notes. 
  • ability to work with clients and service providers on a laptop, tablet or smartphone. 

Key Features

  • Track the continuum of care clients receive
    • For individuals and families, view changes and outcomes over time on an easy to understand Person Profile
    • Distinguish between a people involved in a case (clients) and other important relationships
    • View list of services each client is involved in, the service provider, and enrollment dates
  • Record important interactions and service delivery on the Notebook
    • Empowers workers to capture case notes intuitively and securely. There are 5 types of notes:
      1. General note
      2. Service Delivery note
      3. Contact note
      4. Progress note
      5. Meeting note
      6. Email note
  • Complete your paperwork and add attachments directly on the case file 
    • Each case has a forms section where workers can begin, complete and sign forms related to their clients. 
    • Workers can also attach pictures and documents directly to the case file through their phone or computer. 
    • On the go? You can forward communications directly to a case or email your notes into a case using the Email into case feature. 
  • Administrators can update fields on the case page in cb Admin. To learn more about Dynamic Fields, check out this article.