Create a Case Record

Cases refer to the electronic file your organization keeps on clients who receive your services and are involved in your programs.

To create a case, click on the Create case button at the bottom right corner on cb Engage's WLV. 

A case can be created by filling out a few required fields: 

  • Name of case;
  • Type of case;
  • Current Status of the case, and
  • Overall Goals of the case

To add a case assignee, select the Add case assignee button. If you need to add more than one case assignee, select the Add another case assignee button. 

Once you're ready, select the create case button , and the case will be created. 

There's also an option to cancel the draft case and return to the Workload View by clicking the delete button on the right-hand side.   

Adding to the Case

After you've created a new case, a new page will appear where you can start to build on and add to the case.

The Case is made up of the following sections:


You can add a person to a case by selecting the Add new person button (plus sign) to the right. 

Fill out the required information (in green with an asterisk *), and then select the save button to save. To cancel, select the cancel button

After you've saved, the person's information will show up under People. You can also make changes to the person from here by selecting the Options button

Check out this article on adding a person to a case to learn more.

Service Plan

A person will need to be added to the case before a service can be added. 

Adding a Service

There are several ways to enroll a client into a service from the Case Record. 

1. Services can be added when adding a new person to the case. Search for the name of the Service or Provider, and select from the returned results.Screen Shot 2022-03-31 at 1.21.58 PM

2. From the People Section on the Case Record, select the three ellipses icon, then select + Add Services, as shown below. Screen Shot 2022-03-31 at 1.23.40 PM

3. From the Service Plan section on the Case Record, select the + icon, as shown below. Screen Shot 2022-03-31 at 1.32.30 PM



Relationships will automatically appear as you add people to the case.

If there is more than one person attached to the case, then you can view their relationships by selecting the For [Name] button to the right and selecting the person's name. 


Recent Notes

Add a new note to the case by selecting the Add new note button (plus sign) to the right. 

Fill out the information and select Save. 

After a note has been saved, to make any changes to the note, select the Options button to the right. 

Select See all to view the Notebook page where all notes on the case are kept. 

Note: The three most recent notes created will appear on the Case page. All other notes will appear on the Notebook page. 



If Forms are available, they can be added in this section by clicking on the Add new form button (plus sign) on the right. Select the form you want to use from the list. 

Note: If there are no forms available Live forms in cb Admin, then the Add new form button will not be present in cb Engage. 

After selecting the form to use, you can fill in the form and submit using the Submit Form button or save using the Save Form button on the right side. There's also an option to download the form as a PDF by clicking the Download PDF button on the right.

Alternatively, you can also delete a form by clicking on the Delete form button

Note: Submitted forms cannot be edited or deleted. 

To delete, submit, or add to a incomplete form, click on the name of the form. 



Add photos, documents, etc. to a case by clicking on the Add new attachments button . You can either view the attachments as a list or a grid. To learn more, check out this article on Attachments here



Add a workflow to a case by clicking on the Add new workflow button (plus sign) on the right. Click on the Workflow that you'd like to use. After selecting the workflow, you'll automatically be taken to the Step 1 of the workflow. 

Note: If there are no active workflows, then the Add new workflow button will not be available.