Dynamic Pages in cb Engage

Dynamic Pages help administrators go a step further with configuration and customization. It allows administrators to relabel fields, remove irrelevant fields, and add new fields to better fit their organization's needs.

What can you accomplish with dynamic pages?

With Dynamic pages, administrators can do the following on the Case Record:

  • Change the way Casebook fields appear by updating the name of the field and the size of the field, and adding helper text.

    Your organization may use terminology that doesn't exactly match what is used in Casebook; you can now relabel those fields to fit your organization's needs and processes.
    • For example, in case details, County can be changed to Neighborhood. 
Updating County to Neighborhood - Dynamic Fields

Note: Relabeling a Casebook field should not significantly change the meaning of the field. Do not relabel fields to use them for non-related data, as this will hamper reporting for that data. For example, changing county to gender would change the meaning of the field. 

To learn more about editing Casebook fields, click here
  • Add new dynamic fields, such as text fields, date fields, etc. to the case page. 

    Your organization may need to track fields that we don't yet have in Casebook. You can add them through dynamic fields, and keep track of the information the way you want to. To learn more about adding dynamic fields, click here
    • For example, Referred by can be added as a new text field to the Case details section.
Adding new text field - Dynamic fields
    • For example, Dates of Attendance can be added as a new date field. 
Date of Attendance - Dynamic Fields

      • Add new sections to the case page
        Your organization may need to record information that we don't yet have in casebook and that is outside of the case details. You can add a new section to the page and add fields to that section to record more information. 

        Sections can be thought of as a home for dynamic fields. Dynamic fields can be added to the case details section and any new sections. To learn more about adding new sections, click here.
      Add New Section - Dynamic Fields

      • Remove Casebook fields that are not relevant to your organization.

        For example, in Case Details, the 'Legacy Case ID' field can be removed from the form if this is not something your end users will need to enter on a case.

        To hide the fields, click on Delete icon (trash can). A pop up will appear to confirm deletion. Click delete and the field will be removed. 

      Note: Any existing data for the above fields will not be deleted, and they will appear in reporting. 

      Lastly, check out our Frequently Asked Questions article here.