People: The Heart of Casebook

The Person Profile helps you track details about a person involved in your work. All types of people in you and your clients' network can have a Person Profile.

Think of the Person Profile as an old fashioned paper file that contains all the important information about a specific person. In Casebook, you can track whatever is important given the type of person you're entering information about -- basic name and contact information, personal demographics, even health, financial, employment  and education -- all at you and your team's fingertips.  What's more -- over time, as you work with these different individuals, Casebook will automatically track their associations to the work you do, with no additional clicks required!  For example, each time a client is associated with a Case, Intake or Provider or you enroll them in a service, deliver a unit of service, or write a note about them, this will be tracked and associated to the Person, building a 360 view and history of their interactions with your agency.

Using Casebook to track other "types" of People

Does your program serve single clients, families or groups?  Do you commonly work with other people in the community who care about your clients and are personally connected to them and become a part of their service plan? 

If so, you can also track these people as People in Casebook.  For example, perhaps you run a preventative program for Older Youth that works with faculty, parents and other adults who will play a meaningful part of helping to ensure that the Youth client stays on track to graduate high school.  Each parent, teacher, guidance counselor can be added to Casebook - using simple details like First Name, Last Name, phone number, email address - and related to your Youth Client.  In future, when other youth who are connected to that Teacher or Guidance Counselor enter your program, you can create a relationship to that same Person and over time see the network of individuals who that teacher has helped in your program.

Adding People to Casebook

In Casebook, there are multiple ways to add people to the system. This can be done through a data import, using the cb People Workload View, or by creating records such as Intake Reports, Case Records, or Provider Records. The information available on a person's profile page can vary depending on what details are filled out during the process. It can range from basic information like their name and photo to more extensive details such as their job title, place of birth, social security number, gender, race and/or ethnicity, education, contact information, languages spoken, and more.

Essentially, the Person Profile page is where we gather and store various information about individuals to have a comprehensive understanding of their background, needs, and over time, the history of our involvement with them.

The Person Profile contains information in the following categories:

  • Basic Information
  • Demographic Information
  • Contact Information
  • Health and Medical Information
  • Education Information
  • Employment and Finance Information
  • Contact Information

To edit any of these sections, select the pencil icon towards the right-hand side of the section.

Service Plan Section

The Service Plan section on the Person Profile serves as a view-only overview of all past and current services for this person.

Screen Shot 2023-02-08 at 5.35.17 PM

History Section

Casebook tracks all interactions with this person and your organization over time in the History section.


Forms and Attachments Section

Users can add forms and attachments directly to the Person Profile by selecting the plus icon in these sections.  Doing so will allow you to have all Person related files centrally located and not stored within a given Case or Intake.

Screen Shot 2023-02-08 at 5.38.12 PM


**Pro Tips for Admins**:  Dynamic Pages in People 

If your an administrator, you can also unlock the full potential of Person Profiles with Dynamic Pages. Administrators can take customization to the next level, empowering your organization to capture essential information not covered by default fields. Easily add new sections and fields to tailor the Person Profile, ensuring you record exactly what's needed. Learn how to expand and enhance profiles by adding sections or fields, all within the Dynamic Pages feature in cb Admin. Explore the possibilities by reviewing this knowledge-base article.  If you're not an administrator, but would like to see your organization use Dynamic Pages, reach out to your organization's Casebook administrator, or if you don't know who that is, contact support for more information!