Workflows Overview

Workflows are a feature to help you plan and track work needed in order to remain in compliance and help workers stay up to date on the priorities needing their attention the soonest. Think of them as lists and tasks.

With workflows you can:

  • Define repeatable processes within your organization or unit.
  • Identify for staff what their assigned responsibilities are.
  • Incorporate a review process into assigned tasks.
  • Target timelines to complete identified processes/tasks.

Workflows can cover the end-to-end process of what happens with a provider, case, or intake. Workflows can also be used to define a process that happens during the life cycle of a record. 

Workflow Examples:

  • Someone contacts our agency and indicates they want to apply to be a child care center. I create a provider with the information during that initial contact. A workflow for the licensing process is triggered by the provider type = child care center. 

  • A licensed foster family reaches out to us and says that would like to work with us (instead of their current supporting agency). A workflow for accepting a new resource family into the agency is manually turned on on the family provider profile 

In both examples, at the end of the workflow, I either have an active provider, daycare (a positive outcome), or a rejected provider, foster family (a negative outcome).

Activating a Workflow

In order for workflows to be used on a record, they must be in the active state. Active workflows count towards your subscription plan total. For steps on how to activate or deactivate a workflow, check out the articles below: