Meetings and Calendar Sync FAQ

Can the participants get notifications for the meetings they are invited to?

You'll need to sync your calendar in order for attendees/participants to receive notifications. After your calendar has been synced, if the participants have a valid email address, they will get email notifications about the meetings. 

To learn about how to sync your calendar, check out this article

Would the organizer of the meeting get a notification if the participant accepts or declines the meeting invite?

Yes, the organizer will get a notification.  

In Google Calendar, can I sync all my shared calendars with Casebook?

If you have more than one calendar, you'll need to select which calendar to sync. Otherwise, the primary calendar will be synced. 

Can I sync more than one calendar to Casebook?

No, you are only able to sync one calendar to Casebook. 

Can I see other users' calendars while scheduling in Casebook?

Currently, you are only able to view your calendar. 

Can I add a person who is not in Casebook to a meeting?

Currently, you can add only people who are in Casebook or an internal staff member with a Casebook account. 

Can I schedule a meeting in the past?

No, you are not able to schedule meetings in the past. As a workaround, you can use the ‘Notes’ section for logging past events. 

What does the ‘My Meetings’ section in the dashboard show?

All of your meetings in Casebook will be displayed here. 

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